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0:00 – Giới thiệu 0:16 – Phần mở rộng Tập lệnh là gì? 1:05 – Điều gì khiến Script Extender phức tạp hơn các mod khác? 1:37 – Cài đặt Trình mở rộng tập lệnh với Vortex 3:10 – Cài đặt Trình mở rộng tập lệnh ‘theo cách thủ công’ với Vortex 4:05 – Skyrim / Fallout 4 (SKSE so với SKSE64 so với SKSEVR) & (F4SE so với F4SEVR) 6:22 – Cập nhật liên kết tải xuống phần mở rộng tập lệnh cho phần mở rộng tập lệnh: Fallout 4 (F4SE / F4SEVR) – Skyrim (SKSE / SKSE64 / SKSEVR) – Oblivion (OBSE) – Fallout New Vegas (NVSE) – Fallout 3 (FOSE) – Patreon – Mua t -shirts – Liên kết liên kết GoG – Trang web: Ghé thăm diễn đàn của chúng tôi: Discord Server: Trở thành thành viên :..

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VORTEX - Beginner's Guide #7 : Script Extenders
VORTEX – Beginner's Guide #7 : Script Extenders

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42 thoughts on “VORTEX – Beginner's Guide #7 : Script Extenders – Tổng hợp những tin tức game mới nhất

  1. David Helman says:

    This is driving me crazy. SKSE64 doesn't just download and install via vortex. And the manual method doesn't work either for me. I extracted it to my desktop and tried to drag it into the drop box and it says I can't import directories? What do I do??? I've seen that I can extract it directly to the game files if I wanted to bypass vortex. But I want to figure out how vortex does this.

  2. Steven says:

    Niether of these options are working for me. I've tried the hard way that you shared years ago. I've tried both options in this video. NOTHING is working. Can anyone help me please.

  3. Angie Labelle says:

    Just a note- I don't know about all the other BGS games, but for Skyrim Special Edition, the getskseversion command does not (repeat, NOT) confirm complete & correct installation of SKSE64. It checks the version number of one of the three binaries (one of the dll's or the exe, not sure which) and reports the version info for that one file, completely ignoring the 60+ scripts that should have been installed into the DataScripts folder. The menu-screen label showing the SKSE64 version does exactly the same thing and can't be relied upon to confirm correct installation any more than the console command can.

    The best test of complete and correct SKSE64 installation and function is SkyUI 5.2SE, which, if SKSE64 is not correctly and completely installed, will throw a "SkyUI Error" on game launch, and additionally will exhibit symptoms consistent with missing scripts, which is by far the #1 SKSE64 installation error. On the other hand, if SkyUI launches without error and its menus open virtually instantaneously and are not the vanilla menus, it is evidence of full and correct SKSE64 installation.

    Anyone who doubts the above assertions, please delete the SKSE64 scripts (there are 61-64 of them depending on your SKSE64 version), go in-game (ignoring the SkyUI errors) and enter the getskseversion command into the console. Despite the fact that SKSE64 can't possibly be correctly installed since you personally removed its scripts, getskseversion will dutifully report the SKSE64 version number.

  4. geoangle says:

    Suppose I modify a game by using Vortex. I'm still working of that. Now suppose I have the game on a portable hard drive. I SUSPECT that the mods would go with the game even though Vortex remains on the original computer? Correct, or am I dumb?

  5. James Billington says:

    In Vortex, I am under plugins. I have downloaded about 15 mods at this point. In Plugins, I used to see all of the plugins. I must have hit some button by mistake, as it is only showing one plugin now. How do I get back to where it shows all of them again? Thank you as I am miffed by this.

  6. Snipz Wreckage says:

    I need some help: tried dropping in a skse64 file of the most recent build into the vortex file (doing the sort of manual install) and it isn't accepting it, saying it's "DataInvalid". Can anyone help? I'm new to PC modding and watching through this still is a bit confusing

  7. James Billington says:

    Am I suppose to download the Script Extender on my computer before it is available on VORTEX? Under Extensions, I see it listed (with many others) but something is not working. On the Dashboard, if I press Edit, I notice that Target and Start In are blank. Can you tell I am confused.

  8. InFiHax says:

    Doesn't seem to work for me; the Extension is enabled but when I launch the game (though Vortex) it's not there; also several mods when installing throw errors stating that the needed SKSE64 is not present.

  9. xxxchaosxxx92 says:

    so i havent touched vortex tes5 or fallout 4 in well over a year (because cc kept updating and breaking my mods) and since ive been gone it seems vortex has had some major changes (the change from nmm was already bad enough) and now when i install f4se vortex recognizes it as a mod and puts it either at the top or bottom of my load now i cant launch f4se and have no idea how to fix it or if i can just go old school download it manually install it to steam files and launch it independently from vortex with all of my vortex mods still loading anyone able to help i would be ever so grateful

  10. Keith Hall says:

    Vortex will no longer support any of my Bethesda games, seriously. With a current modded game of Fallout 4. I cannot use Vortex to manage mods I used Vortex to enable. I have mods in fallout that I cannot disable or manage whatsoever. I sent an email about my issue to support@nexusmods.com a week ago. Nothing. Yesterday, I posted a question about the issue on nexus in hopes that someone there might have a solution and I got banned. I got banned for, GET THIS,,,, "Nonsense". They said it was nonsense and they banned me.
    Yeah, thats nexus ya'll. Gotta put it out there because that is BS Nexus.

  11. yeehaw says:

    Everything looks good until I go into the console where it says “script command GetNVSEVersion not found” anyone know of a way to fix this? It’s making me feel really dumb lol

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