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Có phải bạn đang tìm kiếm the purge election year vietsub phải không? Có phải bạn đang tìm The Great Game (Full Episode) | Inside North Korea đúng không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây nhé.

The Great Game (Full Episode) | Inside North Korea | Động phim mới.


Hình ảnh của chủ đề the purge election year vietsub.

The Great Game (Full Episode) | Inside North Korea
The Great Game (Full Episode) | Inside North Korea

Thông tin về chủ đề The Great Game (Full Episode) | Inside North Korea.

Đây là câu chuyện về những bước ngoặt, một trò chơi tuyệt vời, thúc đẩy cuộc chạy đua kết thúc 70 năm thù địch, và một hội nghị thượng đỉnh lịch sử với Triều Tiên và Mỹ ….

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35 thoughts on “The Great Game (Full Episode) | Inside North Korea – Phim tổng hợp hay nhất tại Blogradio

  1. jippoo says:

    and usa still sells wepons to saudis after what they have done. this funny litle thing usa suports someting like +70% dictators in the world and its double standards. and no i dont say n-korea is some how beter or someting but still its hard to take any of this seriously.

  2. Stan Smith says:

    2:58 Just like the Biden administration. The government wants to have power of what is to be said (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). They hate the U.S. (just like the young US liberals).

  3. Justin Hasan says:


  4. dlm says:

    I’d trust the North Koreans over any western democracy they have propaganda but everyone knows it. The imbeciles in the west just accept it like mother’s milk.

  5. 2112jonr says:

    Reality check: Kim Jong Un played Trump. The Koreans did their homework. Trump could have too. Instead he filled his face with burgers, tried to flam them, as evidently went in unprepared. As usual. Which was why he back peddalled. Possibly the biggest and most embarrassing climbdown by the USA in history, and all because of one idiot thinking he could BS his way through foreign policy with an intelligent adversary. I'm no fan of North Korea, but this was just ham-fisted. I don't think it even qualified as handling the situation.

  6. Food Stamp Champ says:

    I was watching this until nat geo decided to go in on their lets bash trump routine. Zero credit and saying things like, the "administration embroiled in scandal "
    Which scandal? Fast and furious? Or the one where Obama put the kids in cages.
    You literally can't even watch a documentary about another country without the propaganda spewing out about a republican president. No more nat geo for me. unubscribed and blocked

  7. David Jonathan Gudlaugson says:

    I lived in South Korea for 12 years. I have no optimism whatsoever with respect to North Korea. I think this is all going to have a very bad ending. The best we can do is to be prepared when this regime breaks apart. Which it most surely will.

  8. blowyourbrainz says:

    In dealing with N. Korean dictators, Trump did more than any US president in history and yet, you find the way to besmirch him even when he's trying to secure some kind of prolonged peace on the Korean peninsula. SMH.

  9. michael naretto says:

    Truman should have let MacArthur push the North Koreans and the Chinese all the way to the Yalu River. This would have united the Korean Peninsula and we wouldn't have the problems we have today with North Korea…

  10. ፈታዊ ሓቂ says:

    I love 💘North Korea 🇰🇵💕💗💓❤💖🇰🇵
    From Eritrea 🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷 🇪🇷❤I hope 🙏and God bless North Korea 🇰🇵🙏

  11. A.J. Yahye says:

    I believe soon, Americans will fail the game,N.Korea will win…Call them whatever you imperialists want to call. Dictator, isolated people, hunger dyeing country, but, the reality is, N.Koreans never excepted, American inhumane and hypothesis.. They're great people, whom said no to the evil of this world

  12. Jonathan Jones says:

    This documentary has a clear bias against the Trump administration. The administration who accomplished more regarding North Korea than any other administration. Typical.

  13. Jonathan Jones says:

    "Trumps comments were totally inappropriate" and yet look what he accomplished in regards to bringing the two koreas together/peace. Its almost as if trying something different from the same failed strategy of the last 70 years might be a good idea…..


  14. Frederic Menjivar says:

    I'm a North Korean refugee left the country 12 years ago and had to come up with name no one could pronounce I am using as you would say google translate to type this message, ok ok I'm just kidding

  15. Matty Ice says:

    North Korea is a modern wonder of the world. Let's just appreciate their existence. If they want to be left alone, just leave them alone. Do we really need them to survive?

  16. Tracy Andersson Gingell says:

    and look how that turned out with the big greet and meet with Trump and Kim. All hot air and faux camaraderie that achieved a big fat nothing. No matter how many sanctions placed on China for trading with N Korea by the US, nothing will or can stop them . China is achieving global supremacy , Kim has nothing to fear. A Cold War II is in the making, now with China, N Korea, and Russia., similar to The Pact of Steel with Germany, Italy, and Japan prior to WW2. Putin wants to amalgamate Soviet States lost through Perestoika and Glasnost, completely ignoring international law and the Rights of a Sovereign state. The Donbass, Crimea invaded. Belarus a puppet state run by a dictator who lives in Putin's pocket, Grozny too. He personally enjoys the fruits of democracy but wants a totalitarian state, with himself at the helm, the ultimate despot.
    Purely on a geographic level, the strategic placement of the Axis is cause enough for concern. Hitler never faced outrage or condemnation for the occupation of the Ruhr, Austria, Sudetenland and finally Czechoslavakia The latter handed to him on a platter, to avoid at all costs another world war, during the 30's . Should we not all feel alarmed and concerned how history repeats itself? I do.

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