Box Blade Redemption? The Last Guy Was NOT an Idiot! Final Grading w Compact Tractor |

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Box Blade Redemption? The Last Guy Was NOT an Idiot! Final Grading w Compact Tractor


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Box Blade Redemption? The Last Guy Was NOT an Idiot! Final Grading w Compact Tractor
Box Blade Redemption? The Last Guy Was NOT an Idiot! Final Grading w Compact Tractor


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Tractor Time with Tim has no love for the Box Blade. Can it redeem itself in this project?
Finishing the grading from a prior drainage project.

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Box Blade Redemption? The Last Guy Was NOT an Idiot! Final Grading w Compact Tractor

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49 thoughts on “Box Blade Redemption? The Last Guy Was NOT an Idiot! Final Grading w Compact Tractor |

  1. David Els says:

    So correct about the tiller, 1 to 2 in lift per pass. The four in one or box blade would not have to plow. The rippers set 1” deep this day would have mimicked the tiller, but tiller better exactly what you said for final grading. In the day I really did some drains using a gravely rotary plow walk behind, and a ford 8n with straight blade, for tight quarters. All we had…

  2. JCLawn51 says:

    I get why you don't like your box blade. It is because your rear blade floats and makes it so your front blade always cuts into the ground. I have a landpride with a fixed rear blade and with the top link adjusted out I can set my blade on that rear blade with the front blade just off the ground pull load of topsoil across the ground filling in holes. The other thing you can do is set the front blade just off the ground while riding on the rear blade is work your way across an area you want level in a circular motion and it will get the ground pretty smooth. When you drive in a circular motion the leaning tractor will pickup on one side of the blade and work its way to the other side where it is off the ground by like 1/2 inch. This also takes off the ridges and fills in the valleys. I will also do this to level out a gravel parking lot that has small holes in it. I mostly use my box blade for final grading like this, not cutting into the soil so much.

  3. Kcolby47 says:

    It was interesting seeing you using the box blade and the 4 in one bucket to show some of the ways they can be used to accomplish different tasks. I agree with your observation about the hydraulic top link use with the box blade. It really makes the box blade so much more useful. Also, I use the float on the top hydraulic top link when using my MX6 rotary cutter. Much more forgiving with uneven terrain, turning etc. Nice work as always. Blessings.

  4. L Cee says:

    Nice work in such a confined space!
    A four in one could very well be in future plans. (And a 3rd function control valve)
    What brand/model of box blade is that?
    Thanks for sharing!!

  5. John Greasamar says:

    Great vidio. I also wanted to tell you and your wife it was great meeting you at Rantoul. My son said hello to you as you pulled in the parking lot. The next thing we knew you drove by us, turned around and gave us a ride in. That made my sons day sitting with you in the gator, and i enjoyed talking with your wife sitting on the back. You and your wife are very nice people and also very genuine people. Thanks again and it was a pleasure.

  6. kevin schulz says:

    Hi Tim i think your tractor Universe is a very good idea . There are many things that i learn every day and i have been learning many things from Tractor Time With Tim. Keep up the great work.

  7. Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster says:

    👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed! Like that you have a hydraulic top link, makes the box blade a lot more useful. Been trying to get Mike Morgan to put one on his larger box blade, but he's ignoring me👍 You probably should have your ROPS in the up position, especially when you got your bucket up in the sky, just saying👍 "You need to set a good example"👍 Take care and be safe🙏🏻

  8. Greenwood's Bush Hogging says:

    You can also use the 4 in 1 to grade with a depth gauge. Open it up all the way and use the front part as the gauge and the rear cutting edge as the grader. It works super awesome for cutting swell and carrying the material around to fill the low spots. You just tilt the bucket to adjust the depth your cutting.

  9. Osage Jon says:

    Tim and viewers if you search youtube for international drott 4 in 1 there is a two part video with some great ideas and techniques for using a 4 in 1. Hydraulic tail wheels on the box scraper make it so much more handy for grading. I picked up a ford overland scrapper pan that I use behind my Kubota L3901 that I like more than the box scrapper provided there is enough room… wouldn't work so well on this tight job you had though.

  10. Patrick Poe says:

    Great project! It's one of those "lots of ways to skin a cat" jobs. So much depends on what the camera just can't show, which is that +/- 1" grade change that makes water flow this way or that. I probably would've brought a backhoe for rough work and then the tiller or the legendary Ventrac to finish the surface prep. That box blade was just too big for that tractor on that particular project. Looks like you'll have to buy a smaller one… 😉

  11. Curt White says:

    I could see the 4 in 1 bucket beating the box blade for this specific project, but there are still things the box blade can do that the loader can't. At least not as well. I would say the 4 in 1 bucket is particularly advantageous on the 1025R because you have so much forward visibility due to the low hood on the tractor.

  12. Joette Rolison says:

    Can't wait for the next video on the final slope work

    We have Mobile Home rental that had over 1/2 an acre that was below grade for both sides of the property and was a temporary holding pond until the water flowed into the flood pond behind the 3 properties.

    I only had the FEL and BOX BLADE at the time and I learned a lot moving over 40 nine yard truck loads of dirt and another 20 loads of Tree Mulch to build up that low swamp without blocking the flow around the perimeter fence line to the rear

    The backyard now has 80% useful ares instead of being a mosquito breeding pond

    We had some really large rain falls for 3 or 4 days and most of the raids and yards got flooded

    The trailer park next door of course got flooded and they called the United Nations Controlled (I.C.L.E.I.) Code Enforcement because of the dirt I filled in

    I.C.L.E.I. is a United Nations controlled organization that tells the Local Government how Americans can use their properties.

    Code Enforcement evaluated what I had done and told Me what I needed to do to allow more water to flow around Our property by making the drainage path around the perimeter wider and they came back and said I did as they ASKED and were satisfied that the problem was solved

    I can't control excessive rains

  13. LtCol Killgore says:

    in order to get a box blade to work in the way you wanted it to when you said "once again the box blade is being outclassed" you could need to tilt it back slightly so the back blade engages but the front blade not much or not at all…. that is how to scrap and flatten with it and not carry much, or ideally any, dirt with you as you drag. Leaves it nice and smooth. Sad to see ya talk bad about the box blade when it is seemingly user error.

  14. Phil Smock says:

    The hydraulic top link is definitely the way to go. So handy. Another great video Tim and Christy. The 1025R sub-compact are such great little tractors. Thanks for sharing.

    Yesterday in your live chat video you said something about there being a souped-up 1025R coming soon. Looking forward to that.

  15. Boomstick Entertainment says:

    I've seen a couple of vids of the 4 in 1 bucket in the past and really didn't give them much thought, but what you showed with it in this vid made me pause and take notice. That was pretty impressive. Going to have to pay a little more attention to them now.

  16. Tim KD5VMV says:

    Another great, fun and educational video!!

    That 4 in 1 bucket seems to be very helpful. Do they come in Orange?? LOL

    I have got to check out the meet and great schedule and see how close y’all will be to Memphis this year. I’d love to get to actually meet y’all in person. I have been watching so long you feel like part of the family.

    God Bless and stay safe!!

    The Other Tim with Tractors

  17. Dave Larman says:

    Looking at getting a box blade for personal use only. Some other creators (Hamiltonville Farms maybe 🤔) advised getting one as a inexpensive soil/snow working solution. Thinking that if I get one I want a HD version and wondering how to incorporate a hydraulic cylinder? Live on a property that if I could sell rocks I could retire!!! 😂.
    Also would you invest in a mechanical thumb for a backhoe attachment?
    Ordered tractor in May and still waiting for just a build date. Thanks.

  18. Huser Helpers says:

    This takes me back to the berm project I did in my yard. It is the reason I bought my BX. It is amazing what a 8" tall berm will redirect with a wide enough ditch bottom. I agree with the hydraulic top link. It changes the game with a box blade. I find micro changes in slope are enough to disengage the blade. And having the ability to adjust top link on the fly makes all the difference. Take Care, Jason

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