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Hi guys, I’m back with a new video.
In this video, I did 3 color swatches and review about the new 3CE collection called the “Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette”.

Hope you guys will enjoy the review!

3 CONCEPT EYES – Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette (3 Types)
#Smoother , #Overtake , #Plot Twist

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41 thoughts on “3CE MOOD RECIPE MULTI EYE COLOR PALETTE (REVIEW) – Yesstyle | Erna Limdaugh – Kiến thức từ chuyên gia

  1. Nannapat Lertsukkitwatana says:

    Is the 3ce smoother one too light when you look at it? Which one do you prefer between smoother or overtake? Cuz I want to buy one and want the natural look makeup but not too light that I will look like having the translucent powder on my eyelid or too smooth that you can't see.

  2. Hooman Bean says:

    I have a question, I’m a person with black hair but is it ok to use really dark brown mascara? Personally i don’t like using black mascara on me, it looks too dramatic for me

  3. Venn _unicornz says:

    Should I get smoother? I'm a beginner in make up. I'm worried if I make a mistake without realizing it. So I'm trying to go for a less obvious colours and make the eyeshadow less obvious (?)

  4. MM MM says:

    I use the overtake one and when I use the color in the middle it’s too much gliter but in your video it doesn’t. Please tell me the reason why please.

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